Steve Kahle

Leader of the Pride

White Lion started in Steve Kahle’s one bedroom apartment back in 1995 when Steve slept on a futon in his living room as his bedroom was more suitable for the office. When there was a discussion of what to name the fledgling web development firm, words like ‘power’ and ‘integrity’ were foundational. Inspired by the Kimba the White Lion cartoon series, White Lion’s first employee threw out the name “White Lion” which was an immediate hit. For Kahle, the journey has always been creative and dynamic – seeing the interactive agency transition from creating brochure type sites in the early days to highly complex and custom web and mobile projects today. As Head Coach and Chief Servant Leader, Steve challenges everyone on the team to collaborate and help White Lion advance to the next level all within a world-class work environment. Steve holds degrees in Marketing and Psychology from the University of South Florida.

When Steve is not in the office or its close vicinity, he provides his beautiful wife a much needed weekly break by playing tennis and golf with his three sons. Kahle also enjoys mountain biking through the Austin hill country avoiding another broken jaw, throwing powder with his snow skis, attending Austin Ridge Bible Church and sharing Christ with inmates in prison each week at the Travis State Jail teaching inmates and others how to “Trade Up” for the abundant life Jesus promises. Steve is also a recovered coffee drinker.

Steve Kahle

Extraordinary interests:

  • Servant Leader
  • Grateful American
  • Relentless Optimizer
  • Problem Finder
  • Technology Junkie
  • Lifelong Learner

Favorite quote:

"If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world."

C.S. Lewis

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