Mike Angel

Lead Developer

As our Lead Developer, Mike helps to guide White Lion’s strategic decisions in all technological avenues. He plays a crucial role assessing market trends and determining how they affect White Lion’s approach to projects. Over the past 15+ years, he has developed a remarkable programming team who has mastered a number of technologies to help build world class websites. His responsibilities include information technology, internal technical infrastructure, and operational support. Mike tackles every project head-on blending both his analytic problem-solving mentality with a keen focus on efficiency.

When he’s not buried up to his eyeballs in code, you can find Mike working on his golf game or online in a number of virtual worlds (i.e. Eve, CoH, WoW, etc.).

Mike Angel

Extraordinary interests:

  • Reads and collects Sci/Fantasy books with a passion
  • Can make a mean Crème Brûlée
  • Lived in Austin since 1982
  • Loves all things Aaron Sorkin
  • Would rather be baking or reading right now

Favorite quote:

"It really doesn't matter at all, life's a gas!"

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