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Andrew Hamlin

Andrew Hamlin - Information Architect
With great power there must also come -- great responsibility!

Stan Lee

Andrew Hamlin

Information Architect

Andrew's expertise as an Information Architect includes engineering web sites, building out detailed architecture and data models, writing specifications, developing timelines as well as designing schematics to streamline and improve site navigation and logic. Andrew is a highly motivated professional who values the relationships formed through business development. His clients benefit from his 15 plus years of experience in technical and creative copywriting, web marketing and graphic design. He compliments the White Lion team with his ability to understand the client's needs and desires and to translate those into an effective web presence. Andrew is an Advertising/Marketing graduate of the University of North Texas.

Andrew's favorite pastimes include amusing his two sons, watching bad TV shows, and collecting comic books. He has freakishly managed to collect every Spider-Man comic book known to exist.

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