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    Full Time Project Manager

    At White Lion, the Project Manager (PM) must be an account executive, technical strategist, information architect, and usability engineer.

    The PM must be able to ensure projects assigned to him/her are completed in accordance with company procedures. Projects will need to be on time, within budget, and meet client expectations.

    The ideal candidate will be articulate, have a strong technical background, and be adept at client interaction, satisfaction, and expectation-setting

    As all our team members, our PMs must uphold company values.

    Your primary job responsibilities are to:

    • Be the primary contact for client and production team
    • Ensure projects clearly meet the client's goals, are of the highest quality, completed on time, and within budget
    • Ensure projects assigned to him/her are clearly defined from inception
    • Complete all administrative tasks as outlined in company procedures (to include maintaining a log of archival information about all projects, completing all project start-up and closing procedures, and all required steps in-between)
    • Ensure all policies and procedures are followed and all terms of project specifications are met
    • Inform Partners as soon as possible if any concerns regarding the project or client arise
    • Stay up-to-date with project management techniques and theories
    • Lead the White Lion production team through project development such as:
    • Create engineering for the site
    • Lead the creative and prototype strategy meetings
    • Work closely with the programming team to brainstorm and problem-solve
    • Ensure the quality of the project
    • Ensure the project is within budget and on time
    • Work with third-party vendors when necessary
    • Intimately understand clients' web sites and web applications and know the client's competitive landscape


    • You must have knowledge of common information systems and key web technologies, as well as experience with web site development
    • You must have be comfortable with common office-based software applications including Outlook, Word and Excel
    • You must familiarize yourself with other software including, FastTrack, Visio and QuickBooks


    • Excellent writing and oral communication skills are a must


    • Balance strategic thinking with tactical execution.
    • Set priorities and juggle competing priorities effectively.
    • Resolve conflicts.
    • Work in fast-paced environment.
    • Make challenging decisions and address client/project issues directly
    • Be a creative problem-solver
    • Have a flexible attitude
    • Be detail-oriented
    • You must also be outgoing and comfortable talking directly to the client or interfacing with the team

    We are a dynamic, growing company with a casual, fast-paced workplace.

    Over the 16 years being in business we attract and retain self-starters by having handcrafted a flexible, world-class work environment.

    If you have carefully read all of the listed content and feel you have the chops, we want to hear from you!

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